West Mercia Police receives more than 7,000 missing person reports each year. The majority of people turn up safe and well.

Many children who go missing stay with friends or family members, but there are some who do not have or don’t access these support systems, or who are forced to stay in environments that are harmful to their safety and well-being, and so end up engaging in activities that may put them at risk.

What To Do If You Think Someone Is Missing

If you are worried about someone who you think may be missing, contact the police. There is no time limit on when you can make a report. You don't, for example, have to wait 24 hours.

The easiest ways to report a person missing are by calling the police on 999 in an emergency situation or by calling your local police force on 101. Click on this link for further information.

Or see the Missing People First Steps Guidance on how to report someone as missing.

Missing People Helpline

Missing People is a charity that can help if someone you care about has gone missing. Missing People offers support, advice and practical help at this difficult time.


  • 'Missing People' - An independent charity providing help, guidance and assistance if you know someone who is missing or has run away.
  • Missing Kids UK - Advice for Parents and Guardians